New Microsoft Employee Badges

Last year, out of boredom, I wanted to redesign the Microsoft employee badges. I just got a piece of paper, started scribbling and in a couple of hours I came up with a design that I later published as “The Blue Badge – Reimagined”.

This concept design received huge love internally at Microsoft as well as externally on Hacker News, Designer News, Reddit and many other platforms. At this point it is a good idea to admit that I am not ... Read more →

Porting Docker Client to Windows

I spent the last two months porting the Docker command line interface to Windows with my colleagues on the Microsoft Azure Linux team. Starting with Docker 1.6, a Windows client is shipping with Docker’s official release. This is my first time heavily participating in the development of an open source project and I want to tell you how awesome it was.

We recently announced the first version of “Docker Client for Windows” on Azure Blog and on Docker ... Read more →

Docker Seattle Meetup: Recap

Posting some photos from the event! Thanks everyone for coming in. We had a great day at Docker Seattle Meetup this time and thanks Docker folks for flying up here and joining us!

I shared news around Windows Server Containers, Hyper-V Containers, Windows Nano Server, Docker Client for Windows and future plans for Docker in Azure platform. Patrick Chanezon from Docker has went over Docker ecosystem and how each piece of containerization tools and techniques play with each other.

Videos ... Read more →

Channel 9: Docker Machine on Azure

I have been guest of David Tesar in the Edge show on Channel 9 to talk about the early bits of Docker Machine and how it is used to create Docker hosts on Microsoft Azure.

Docker Machine (formerly known as docker hosts command in its earliest days) has an Azure driver which has been developed by Jeff Mendoza in Microsoft Open Technologies. This driver written in Go uses azure-sdk-for-go to talk to Azure Service Management APIs to provision virtual machines ... Read more →

Herding Code Podcast

I have been guest of Jon Galloway, K. Scott Allen, Kevin Dente and Scott Koon in their lovely Herding Code Podcast Episode 202 to talk about Docker and Docker things happening on Windows and Microsoft Azure platform.

We chatted about making of the ASP.NET 5 Docker image, doing open source at Microsoft, container orchestration technologies and some speculations about how Windows containers will work.

You can visit their website or iTunes to tune in or just listen below:

Thanks ... Read more →

Making of: Microsoft’s first official Docker image

Last week I published an article on ASP.NET blog about using ASP.NET 5 Docker image –which happens to be my side project that turned into Microsoft’s first official Docker image. I wanted to take time to explain how it all happened.

Before Docker was really popular at ... Read more →